Venado Corriendo

Visual Art – Ventura, CA

I was born and raised as a southern girl in Tennessee. I always found pleasure in my surroundings which were nature and natural things. I had the love of making crafts from nothing into something beautiful as a child. I have come to be inspired by all things in life, big and small. I have moved to California to create bigger and better things but never forgetting my roots that are tied to this earth, therefore I make nostalgic pieces stemming from childhood and now to the present. I craft all kinds of things, from ordinary to a tooth from a cow! Huge dream catchers, rings made from stone found within the dirt, little trinkets found all around and making them into necklaces and earrings. I think outside of the box and sometimes it takes hours or days to complete a piece but once it is done, I fall in love with it. I never want to lose the child within me and so I will craft for all of mys days. ...more