Vivian Lai

Visual Art – Melbourne, VIC

I am currently completing my final year in a Bachelor of Fine Art. The central focus of my artwork is portraiture. I have always had a fascination for faces in regards to likeness and differences between individuals whether discrete or subtle. Being an identical twin is a fundamental influence because I find it intriguing how people either perceive us as identical when taking a first glance at us whilst others can immediately distinguish our differences. Despite having a similar interior bone structure, no two people look ‘exactly’ the same. In my artwork, I have taken a realistic approach in capturing the likeness of my subjects; predominantly concentrating on people that I know. I aim to portray the personalities, an aspect of my subjects, drawn from my relationship. The use of materials and processes within my work are consistent. These works will be drawings or paintings, allowing me to execute control to create intricate and fine detail in my work. ...more