VLVP Profile Picture
Fashion – Philadelphia, PA

VLVP is a luxury streetwear clothing brand that caters to both male and female, young and old. VLVP is the abbreviation for Vivre La Vie Pleinement which is the French translation for Live Life Fully and here at VLVP we strongly encourage you to do just that. Established in 2016 the brand’s first released garment was the signature BOLD sweat-shirt crop top which caught the attention of many people. CEO and creator Kyhawnia ‘Key Phantacee’ Pinckney knew that it was not only a need for her brand in the fashion industry but more importantly a need for the message her brand stood for. VLVP is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the positive aspects that life offers. This brand is not only meant for wearing, but to be a motto for people to live by and apply to their everyday lives. To live life fully you must be willing to form a new mindset for yourself and when Key Phantacee did that, she knew it was time to help other people see that same beauty and greatness within their lives too. Through style, fashion and knowledge she showcases that it is okay to be in your own lane and do things your own way. You only have one life to live why not live it to your fullest potential. JOIN THE CLUB! - VLVP CLUB ...more