Wally Worsley

Music – Baltimore, MD

His music started where most guitarists did, in a garage when he was a boy. His musical upbringing emphasized no particular style, but was characterized by his fascination for many different styles. What Wally Worsley has done that most do not manage is to make something of those styles that is uniquely his own. Wally’s music is like pancakes and Tabasco sauce. Like wheat bread and beer. Like that time you wore your best Birkenstocks and went on a tequila binge. Wally’s songs are comfort food that tastes a touch too spicy. His high tenor voice and silky guitar pickin’ are pretty and sweet, but listening to his stuff reminds me of what it must have felt like to be Chrissy out there swimming in the ocean at dawn, blissfully unaware that the huge Great White that would leave a nation afraid to swim in their own swimming pools was swirling around hungry right underneath her. The opening chords of Wally\'s new songs feel a lot like that first tug on her ankle must have felt. Not painful yet, just mysterious, leaving us unaware that we’re about to be eaten alive by something we’ve never yet encountered. Wally\'s songs are a corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches and a razored and safety-pinned Ramones t-shirt underneath Wally’s music, like Chuck Norris’ right foot, can kick you in the back of your face. So, check out a live show since this is where he really shines! ...more