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BonnAmie Jewelry

San Diego, CA

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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but every accessory is une bonne amie! The jewelry and accessories I create are varied, from simple, colorful bead and wires, to braided leather cord, to Steampunk gears and springs. My designs are based on natural forms, Celtic knots and spirals, and, more recently, mechanics and clockworks. My background is in landscape architecture, and my day job is teaching plant identification and design classes. But I am always making things, braiding cord or spiraling wire or sewing, and I sell the results on Etsy.

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I am constantly close to and inspired by nature and the outdoors. I love the ocean, gardens, flowers, animals, sunshine... I also am interested in history-particularly costume history- archery, and Scottish dancing.

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That RAW is taking a chance on me, and on all of us aspiring artists, and that I'll have a chance to meet more awesome, creative people.


Creating awesome, physical, wearable art. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces. The simple love of a cat. The wonderful support from my family. Almost any type of music from Scottish fiddle to hard-driven rock.