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Miami New Times

RAW:Miami named 2012 Best Arts Collective: "RAW did the arts community a solid when it launched."

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Refinery 29 2
RAW:natural born artists

"We're pleased as pie that an organization like this exists!

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Urban Daddy

"Better: a Thursday night fete with art, film... oh, and some naked models being painted on."

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Apparel News
Los Angeles

"Fashion, art and music converged"

Creative Loafing

"Part art fair, part fashion show and part concert."

The Native

"Brisbane is the first place outside of the States to have RAW – it’s huge and it’s really exciting for our city."

Los Angeles Times
Las Vegas "Highlighting its own gamut of artistic fun, this night fete focuses on the city’s emerging movers and shakers in their fields."
Portland Pulp

"featuring photography, art and fashion from some of RAW's hand-picked natural born artists"

Oklahoma Gazette
Oklahoma City

"The international indie arts organization comes to town with a plate full of cool art and hot fashion."

The Smugger

"If you’re a fan of the arts in any way, shape or form then you need to be here."

Feed Atlanta

"RAW hopes to shed some light on the breadth and depth of our creative sector."

PBS Art Scene
Las Vegas RAW:Las Vegas segment on PBS Art Scene
Invade NOLA
New Orleans

"It was a packed house full of art enthusiasts."

Indy Star

Feature on RAW:Indianapolis Director Amy Ward

303 Magazine

"uncovering unique works that you can’t find in any other art gallery."


"where you'll find all the art, music, fashion, and inspiration you could want..."

Weekend Edition

Photo Re-cap & Highlights from RAW:Brisbane Launch!

Boise Weekly

"Inaugural RAW Event is a Success."

Culture Map Austin

"You'll get a little taste of everything."

Fashion at Liberty

"The vibe? Cirque du Soleil of the underground."

Nashville Scene

"...part performance, part exhibit, part networking opportunity."

Factory Diaries
Brisbane "If you’re not sure what RAW is, I’m going to assume you’ve been living under a rock."

"The creative juices will be flowing."

Moustache Magazine 1

"RAW sounds like a budding creative’s wet dream right? That’s because it is."

San Antonio Magazine
San Antonio Featuring RAW:San Antonio artists
Adobe Airstream
RAW:natural born artists

"RAW is an independent organization pushing up and not a behemoth squatting down."

Baltimore Sun

Q&A with RAW Baltimore photographer Kaitlin Newman

Vancouver Observer
Vancouver "The Canadian launch event will be in Vancouver"
Dig Boston

RAW Art @ The Estate

Fox 5 News Las Vegas
Las Vegas

RAW:Las Vegas Director Amber Cajiao Interview


"a national consortium of independent artists"

Live Soma
San Francisco

"It’s just too cool to pass up."

In Liquid

"With every cultural stimulus available, the appropriately-named party more-than-sufficiently merited its cover charge."

FVM Global

Interview with RAW:Pomona Director Nacomi Gutierrez

The Telegraph
St Louis  “Elevation,” RAW’s first-year anniversary celebration in St. Louis.
Lumino Magazine

Lumino sat down with RAW’s founder and executive director Heidi Luerra.

Las Vegas City Life
Las Vegas

"It's a great deal for art fans."

Riverfront Times
St Louis

"a showcase of up-and-coming artists that's part of a larger international movement."

Boise Weekly 2

"Boise artists prepare to get RAW."

Miami New Times 2

"Get ready, hipsters! Tomorrow, RAW makes its Miami debut."

7x7 SF
San Francisco

Featured RAW:SF Fashion Designer

Laguna Beach Coast Pilot

"Now the grass-roots movement will soon embark on a nationwide road-trip, RAWcross America."

AND Magazine

"Great talent should never be hidden, and one organization in particular, knows this very well."

Amelie G
New Orleans "The shows provide a great opportunity to socialize with creatives and to check out some of the hottest emerging talent."
NBC 10 Philadelphia

"Artists connecting and growing are two things RAW is passionate about."
Orange County
SF Weekly
San Francisco

"Art, music, fashion and fun collide in a celebration of talent."

Cincinnati City Beat
Cincinnati "A downtown nightclub might not be the most likely spot to find local visual artists, independent filmmakers and other creatives, but that’s exactly what’s happening."

RAW: Sydney Launch Podcast Interview

Las Vegas Sun
Las Vegas

"Experience local art & culture."

Twin City Scene

"RAW provides an excellent spotlight for emerging artists."

Refinery 29

"RAW arriving in Chicago means big things for our arts community."

Des Moines Register
Des Moines

Interview with RAW:Des Moines Director, Chelcee Cheers

Byron Shire
Byron Bay "This week's inaugural RAW:Byron Bay exhibition has been hailed a success by organisers and artists alike."
Disarray Magazine
RAW:natural born artists

"Emerging musicians, artists & designers have a platform to show their work nationally thanks to Heidi Luerra."

Moustache Magazine

Interview and feature with RAW:Brisbane Musicians Boss Moxi.

Pop City
pittsburgh "RAW Pittsburgh spotlights local artists at monthly showcases"
Daily Titan
Orange County

"...a night packed full of vision and creativity..."

Hawaii Public Radio

RAW:Honolulu Host speaks to Hawaii Public Radio about the RAW launch in the local community.

Word in Town

"RAW showcased all genres of art under one roof. There was something for everyone."

Dallas News

"RAW:Natural Born Artists debuts in Dallas"

Tucson Citizen

"Art was really happening at the first RAW ARTISTS’ Tucson showcase."

Tulsa Art Spot

RAW Natural Born Artists Takes on Tulsa

Discover SD
San Diego

"... features the top emerging movers and shakers."

The Deli

"RAW:Nashville had a successful inauguration."

Daily Utah
Salt Lake City To RAW, art shows have the potential to break away from the clichéd gallery setting
Salt Lake City Mag
Salt Lake City RAW Salt Lake City presents Discovery photo re-cap
RAW:natural born artists

Interview with RAW Founder Heidi Luerra


"Promises to be a creative circus like you’ve never seen before."

Hello Vancity
Vancouver "RAW has swept across the US and Australia and is making its Canadian debut this summer"
Omaha "all the artists sharing their talents"
FOX 5 - Las Vegas
Las Vegas Segment on RAW:Las Vegas with Amber Cajiao
The Improper Bostonian
Boston The Boston chapter of a 54-city artists’ collaborative, the group seeks to showcase the finest new talent in a wildly eclectic array of media

Coverage of RAW:Portland Show


"RAW comes to Cincinnati for the first time, reaching out to help local artists help further their careers."

Kmov STL
St Louis Interview segment with Sarah Faragalla from RAW: St. Louis
Common Ground
Byron Bay "This will be an incredible journey for the northern rivers creative's and the vast audience throughout to inspire"
Fine Magazine
San Diego

Coverage of RAW:San Diego RAWards Semi-final Show

Oakcity Hustle
Raleigh "The good people at RAW: Raleigh put on an extravaganza"
Lisa Kline
"These artists are able to showcase their unique designs and get exposure"
Blog Talk Radio

Interview with RAW:Austin Director Meghan Jones

Hawaii News Now

RAW is featured on Hawaii News Now's morning show. 

Scene Magazine

Announcing RAW:Brisbane launch!

Red & White for Life

"A grass-roots organization dedicated to showcasing local artists in 21 American cities"

Las Vegas

"RAW Las Vegas packs the runway!"


"There's a new RAW in town"

"There’s a new monthly art happening in town, and it promises to be a good one."

Bristol Observer

"A touch of art and the exotic..."

Wasabi Fashion Kult
Miami "Each space was bursting with creative juice."
St Louis "St. Louis’ homegrown artists come together to celebrate their talents"
Backseat quarterly
Phoenix "This RAW Showcase had everything."

"We'll be keeping an eye on these guys."
Philadelphia "A showcase dedicated to providing local artists with a free venue to share their work across all mediums."
Event Junkies

"And amidst the creative energy was the most non-pretentious group of event go-ers."

News Observer

"RAW is a catalyst to exposure and opportunity."

That Mag
Philadelphia "RAW Philly: The Ultimate Stimuli"
Culture Map
Austin "RAW Austin's show promises a cutting-edge look at local emerging artists"
San Francisco

News Interview with RAW:San Francisco Director Kaitlyn Starbuck and team

Orlando Weekly

Coverage of RAW:Orlando Debut Show

Ventura County Reporter

Underground art comes to the surface via RAW

303 Magazine 2

"RAW Denver Mixology offered an entirely new take on Denver’s art scene."

Daily Camera

"RAW is spreading word of underground artists"

Chicago Arts Archive

"This is a show that will intrigue all of your senses, and show you a good time in the process."

Sacramento 365

"These artists are all local, hand-picked talent."

Amplified Culture

"We love when we find an organization that supports the local community and the artists and performers in it."

San Antonio

"Since its inception in 2005, the Los Angeles-based organization RAW has spread like wildfire."

Almost Famous

"I had the opportunity to attend a very cool and unique event last Saturday."

Madison "An exhibition of local artistic talent"
Courant 2

"RAW: natural born artists Back At The Russian Lady In Hartford"

VC Star

"RAW artists showcasing local talent in Ventura"

VC Buzz
Ventura Check out page 14 for a feature on RAW:Ventura!
Omaha "International group gives new artists a career boost"
Colorado Springs Independent
Colorado Springs "With RAW, we do have one more notch in our collective belt. Perhaps most encouraging is RAW's reflexive mission."
The Blendd

"... an environment offering the gamut in artistic criterion."

Creative Drinks
Brisbane "So we strongly suggest that you guys get involved in RAW!"
St. Louis Today
St Louis Fashion stylist unites artists for Raw: St. Louis
Chicago Fashion Connect

"The event line-up did not disappoint!"

San Diego CW
San Diego San Diego 6 News Covering RAW:San Diego
VC Buzz
Ventura RAW:Ventura presents RADIATE feature on page 18!
Brisbane News
Brisbane RAW:Brisbane featured on page 25
Orlando Sentinel
"The mix of events at the downtown Orlando nightspot was the latest showcase from RAW, an international organization that made a foray into the Orlando arts scene."

"Artists, performers, and musicians gathered on Saturday night at Vice for RAW."

St Louis Interview with RAW:St. Louis Director Sarah Faragalla.
Discover SD
San Diego "RAW: San Diego kicked off the 2013 season with a ‘Discovery’"
RAW:natural born artists

RAWards 2011 Coverage

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix Phoenix Gets RAW with Bad Lucy, The Deer Leader and Francis Dean
San Diego "Making a name for yourself as an artist can come across as intimidating"
LA Art Party
Hollywood "Artists and event-goers connected over performance art, live music and an interactive gallery throughout the night."

"RAW Madison’s 2012 RAWards"

Glitz Glam
RAW:natural born artists

"I like to think of RAW as the apropo window to the independant artistic genius of our time."

Virtual Tourist
Ventura "There were some outstanding displays of talent."
Fox 23

Interview with RAW:Tucson Director Kristen Thompson

Boston ""Raw" talent to be reckoned with"
Omaha "RAW brings together all types of artists"
DO 312
Chicago Photos from RAW Chicago
CNN World
Brooklyn RAW:Brooklyn artist Featured
Kansas City

"Local artists find a home at VooDoo Lounge - RAW:Kansas City"

Sacramento "Enjoy everything artsy about Sacramento."
Indy Style TV
Indianapolis RAW:Indianapolis Artists and Director Interview
Nashua Patch

"RAW is a great outreach program."

SD Entertainer
San Diego

"Get inspired by local artists"

Denver "RAW puts together a smorgasbord of creativity for your enjoyment"
Las Vegas Daily Post
Las Vegas
Orlando Sentinel
Orlando "Thursday, July 11, marks the one-year anniversary of Raw:Orlando"
Northern Star
Byron Bay "RAW:Byron Bay launch has been hailed a success by organisers and artists alike."
New Orleans Featuring RAW:NOLA Director Rachael Wingate
Activate Magazine
San Jose

"The independent artists organization RAW: natural born artists is one of largest of these creative brain trusts."

Island News
Honolulu "RAW:Honolulu is a great venue that brings together people from all over the island to support the local talent of a diverse group of artists."
NYC Prowler
Brooklyn "RAW:Brooklyn - Incubating a new crew of fashion designers and artists"
Honolulu "Thriving indie art"
Fashion Tribe
Honolulu "Honolulu is part of a national community of creatives across the world"
Project Famous


Edwardsville Intelligencer
St Louis Interview with RAW:St. Louis Director Sarah Faragalla
Suite 929
New York City Segment covering RAW:NYC Show!
Hollywood Style Scene
RAW national RAWards show
Wish TV

"RAW celebrates local artists"

Heart Magazine
Interview with RAW CEO & Founder, Heidi Luerra
Vancouver Weekly
"40 showcasing artists, 800+ attending guests – a RAWsome night out!"
Van Music
Vancouver RAW launches in Vancouver! Magazine
Featuring the 5th Annual RAWards winners
ArtSlant RAWards Feature
5th Annual RAWards Visual Artist and Photographer featured
Daily Candy
RAWards Ceremony and Show