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Andrea Desmond

Seattle, WA

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Andrea, also known as Seattle's "indie pop sweetheart" (, is a true musical free spirit! She is a singer-songwriter on piano who is nominated for a Shorty Award: honoring the best of social media. She recently won Best Singer/Songwriter Music Video for Akademia Music Awards and also won first place for her song "Run" in the Eco Arts Awards: Songs of Freedom Competition. She was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Artist in Music Awards, for which she also performed at the Nomination Ceremony/Red Carpet Event in Hollywood. Now with her powerful backing band, the White Lights, they made it to the finals of the Seattle Jammin' Challenge, which kick-started her career in the city. They recorded four tracks at Toybox Studios with Justin Cronk of Vendetta Red back in September 2012, and soon after Andrea got signed to Spectra Records - one of the world's largest independent labels. They have been promoting her "Open Spaces" album, which will be released soon. Her music is hard to put in a generalized genre, but she incorporates elements of indie, rock, jazz, folk, and pop. Desmond received training in songwriting under the guidance of Alan Menken, the Oscar-winning composer of such Disney classics as Beauty and the Beast and Alladin.

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