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Big Rahb

Tulsa, OK


Proud to be born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. Growing up you could say i was a class clown, always trying to stir things up. My punishment would always be to read and copy a set number of pages from the dictionary. This seemingly dreadful consequence eventually became a passion I had for writing, spending hours on end studying works of Homer, Poe, Shakespeare and other writers and novelists, mostly poets. After breaking down there poems, sonnets etc... I would use the structuring of theirs to write my own for girls in school:) I was introduced to Hip Hop at a very young age and though I like all music, Hip Hop gives me the same freedoms of self expression as the people I looked up to as heros and also gave me some more. I've been performing across the state mostly here locally for a little over a year with my crew, The Outsiders and Pushing for the unity of not just the Hip Hop scene but the public as whole with my Driller City vision!:)


My biggest Inspiration is my father, Robert L. Pierce Jr. He made a more than suitable life for my mom, sister and me. Working his way up from meter reader to the head engineer of a major power company, flying across the country, teaching classes and overseeing developments. Now after being diagnosed with 3 types of cancer he makes it to work each day and still finds time to take his grand daughter to a baseball game. I learn more about life from my day in a day then i could a life time without him.


After attending 2 showcases previously and seeing the paintings, jewelry, photos, models:), bands and incredible people and support and i loved it. My favorite part is the open independent artistry and teamwork it takes to collaborate for such events and do it all for the love of art.


Music.. Passion for creativity and the teamwork involved to set goals and conquer them! #DrillerCity 1<3