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Black Butterfly

Sacramento, CA


Black Butterfly born Atiya Hempstead in Phoenix Arizona, but has lived in the Sacramento are since the age of two. Number six out of seven children. Her introduction to poetry started in grade school. Where she competed in poetry competitions reciting poem by famous authors such as Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Poetry was rooted in her blood her mother often wrote poetry and songs that she sang to Atiya as a young child. After grade school poetry was no longer an interest to her. Until later in her adult life after dealing with the frustrations and disappointment of love and failed relationships. Caused her to pick up a pen and start writing. Poetry became her way of opening up and releasing her emotions. It was her outlet. She would visit some open mic rooms every now and then ,but most of her performances where done at home in front of family & friends. Until a short year ago in 2012 BLACK BUTTERFLY emerged on the scene performing in a local poetry show THE SWEET SPOT. The audience was moved by her uncut ,straight,forward raw lyrics. Often requesting copies of her work. This encouraged her to record an erotic poetry CD titled REAL SEX the CD debuted in January 2013 and has sold hundreds of copies in these short few months. Real Sex is not for everyone you have to be open with your own sexuality. it will take you through a turbulent ride of mental exploration, physical stimulation, and erotic therapy. Black Butterfly is one of a few artists that can paint a verbal picture, draw a blue print of sexuality and with an original twist of tantalizing verse, and make a person submit to their raw desires. Have you ever heard a verse that pinpoints your sexual core? Black Butterfly coos verses that will have you trembling in anticipation of the next line. Shame and modesty aside, Black Butterfly flutters through your mind and masturbates your senses. Black Butterfly is not limited to erotic poetry , her journal is composed from anything to love, inspiration, motivation. She is available for hire to perform or host events of all occasions


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