May 9th, 2011

ART: Mariah Carrillo

Published in RAW Features

I am a young studio artist working in the Pacific Northwest. My art focuses on contemporary interpretations of the female form created in paint and mixed media. I am inspired by the color, contrast, and form of urban graffiti, the works of Gustav Klimt, and Japanese woodcuts. I am incredibly passionate about portraying the female body in all of its imperfections and idiosyncrasies, striving to create a new paradigm of beauty that encompasses the awe-inspiring within the ordinary.

My work breaks the tradition that portrays the female body as an object, and instead celebrates the power of the individual’s experience. I have recently graduated with my B.A. in Visual Arts from George Fox University, and I hope to continue and expand my studio work. At present, I tend to create small pieces that are readily affordable to the average person, since I believe that good art should be available to all.

My goal is to open people’s eyes to the beauty hidden within the everyday, and to make a lasting impact on the large part of the world that feels excluded from the refined dialogue of the gallery and the museum. I am grateful for the opportunity to create and be surrounded by beauty in my daily life, and I look forward to a colorful, vibrant future.

- Mariah Carrillo