August 15th, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephen Paul Stocker

Published in RAW Features

I take pictures for a nostalgic feeling in the future and as a means to pass time in the present.

I enjoy how a picture encapsulates everything about the time and period of its creation.  What people wear, the cars they drive, the technology they use, the pop culture, etc.  Most of what I do is personal.  I want to remember what now was like when I no longer have this daily routine, when these people are no longer around, or when I never see the buildings and trees I pass everyday.

Photography for me is also an artistic process that I take both pride and pleasure in.  It gives me something to look forward to and entertain myself with.  There is nothing I enjoy more than setting out with no plan in mind other that to take pictures on an "adventure."  For example, visiting places and people that would otherwise never exist in my world or setting up a theme in some unknown location playing pretend with makeup and props.  It's almost a childlike process that is freeing in some way.

My work is shot mainly on film.  This allows me to make mistakes, and these imperfections are where I find the importance in my photos.  Perfection is too accessible these days, so the flaws give life and truth to the image for me.

- Stephen Paul Stocker