July 26th, 2017


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This evening RAW is state-side, putting on an event just minutes away from our Downtown LA Headquarters.  It isn’t every day that we get to take advantage of a live-event opportunity like this.  



Madison Rose—ElectroPop/ Vocally rooted in R&B.


Madison Rose effortlessly weaves electronic/pop influences and bold bass lines into her music. With a big heart and even bigger voice, MADISON ROSE is able to balance her strength and femininity effortlessly, celebrating the power of womanhood through her music and lifestyle.

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SoulofSherif-  Rap/ HipHop

An LA transplant by way of Houston, TX, SoulofSherif melds all genre’s into a Jazzy, funky, tripped-out show that is bound to get the room moving.  As an avid performer, SoulofSherif fully commits to his live shows, and this DTLA crowd is about to see something they’ve never seen before. 

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D. Elle Carpenter- Backup singer gone SOLO

D. Elle grew up in Detroit, MI.  She’s a talented Soul singer who has made her way to Los Angeles to spread some inspiration and Love. Her music is meant to be shared with everyone in your life and to get you moving, feeling good. 

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XMeKate-  creative singer/songwriter

Bold use of percussion and vocal prowess.  Kadenacy’s bi-cultural upbringing (Italian & Greek) attributes to us not quite being sure which genre to place her under, and that’s a good thing.  Her music is poppy, lively, sultry, and inviting.  XMeKate is the culmination of a couple years hard-luck alongside some unshakeable vocal chops and ambition.  We’re excited to see what XMeKate has in store for everybody tonight at the RAW show, as well as the future to come.

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Check out XmeKate's music video for “Cigarettes” on Youtube.


Stay classy out there!

-Nick Buffington

Host of the Night Block on RAWdio