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Cassandra Londono

New York - Manhattan, NY


Hi! I am Cassandra and I have been bellydancing for several years now specializing in the tribal fusion style which I have a strong love and passion for. I am currently pursuing my college degree in dance as well, and besides belly dancing I also have experience in salsa, merengue, chacha, hustle, different variations of east coast swing (lindy/jitterbug), hiphop, ballet, dance theater and modern all of which I think contribute to my style of bellydance. I do not really create strict choreography I usually have a very vague outline and mainly do improvisation to just feel the music and explore the nuances of it. Sometimes I use props including veils (I have my own rendition of the 7 veils dance), feather fans, veil fans, sword, fire sword and fire belt. I specialize in blacklight performances that add a glowing magic to the feel of the piece. I cannot describe how connected, happy and alive I feel when I dance I love performing a well as teaching and sharing with others, and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love.


Vintage culture, electronica music, burlesque, the ocean, tribal cultures and many more as well as other talented dancers such as Rachel Brice.


I love the idea of artist communities that consist of all types of artists (visual, performance, music etc) where we can come together, support each other and inspire each other :)


Traveling, nature, friends and family, and exploring new places and things.