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Corey Lynn Tucker

Connecticut, CT

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there isn't a moment i'm not witnessing images that tell stories. locations are often spotted while riding my bike. it gives me time to clear my head, get some exercise and breath in fresh energy and new ideas. i dream scenes and stories that i want to create and in the meantime don't miss a moment. sometimes locations inspire me to create a story. eye SEA beauty. i don't just want to take pictures just for the sake of taking them, i want my photos to make a difference in this world. i want the subject that's photographed to feel good, the viewer to be drawn to a feeling the image provokes and ultimately to tell a story, history frozen in time.

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every day inspires me whether it be raining or sunny, snowing or humid. my environment and landscape force me to create a mood or a feeling that captures that particular moment.

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the opportunity to be introduced to inspiring artists that are making a difference in this world by the art they create!


besides photography?! music, love, community, gardening, nature, cycling, yoga, culture, spicy food, weather, terrain, animals activity and travel.