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Dama Bella

Denver, CO

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My name is Yailis Feliciano, I was born in Puerto Rico longer ago than I feel like. I love chocolate and heels & I won the ‘most feminine’ award in Jr. High – not sure why someone thought of that award either. In my adult life I’ve built a career in human resources and for years I have been fighting my creative self and forcing it to stay still. It has been difficult because designing and making fashion is what I have been passionate about since I was a child. I remember playing with fabric remnants that my mother would drop as she created wedding gowns and clothing garments and by age 13 I was making some of my own clothes. Now at age 33 (yes I said it) I feel it is time to share my talent and my work and give my creative self a chance to shine and take me in a whole new direction.

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Strong, independent women that see no boundaries to their success.

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The support provided to local artists. They put YOU on the spotlight and it feels great!

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My family. I have a supportive husband, and two wonderful boys.

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