Daniel Stokes

Austin, TX

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Born and raised in Austin, TX. Influenced by many colors, sounds, eclectic environments, foreign countries, love, lack thereof, sin, addiction, temptation and redemption. I'm fairly educated considering my history of selective hearing. I love music, and it loves me. I know a good thing when I feel it, and can spot weakness in others as much as myself. I love most all things, avoid conflict, but will gladly fight for a loved one every time. I have an eclectic range of influences, and feel most engaged improvising anything rather than performing something rehearsed. I think singing the same songs the same way everytime is overrated if not annoying. I'm just now learning what "singer/songwriter" actually means in the industry, and I respect it more and more. I hope to leave behind some good songs for at least friends and family and maybe some strangers along the way.

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