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Donna Sutton

Tucson, AZ


I took a lot of classes thinking I wanted to be a photographer - stopping just 1 class shy of my Certificate, only to move into Graphic Arts. Why you ask? Ponder this: "What's the difference between a Large Pizza and a Photographer?" "A Large Pizza feeds a family of four!" I say that only because my love of photography isn't one in the 'commercial' sense - one where I'd wanted to do portraits or weddings and the like. I love to do macro's of flowers, nature, landscapes and moreso, things that are slightly off-kilter, abnormal- funny signs, or where I put things over my lens, in front of my lens, or in front of my subject, altering what was original into something new - making the viewer think about the photograph. I'm a perpetual student, always learning, always trying to find something new in art, photography, and never settling. Sometimes that's a good thing - and sometimes I suppose that can work against me since I never know what I want to do when I grow up. I'll be 54 in December.


What doesn't inspire me? If I'm out hiking, I have to take pictures of the trees, the rocks, the snow, the ice, the flowers. If I'm traveling, it will be the architecture, the people, the culture. Everything inspires me. Just don't take my camera.


I love that RAW is about talent - there's no 'who knows who' and no political involvement behind the scenes. It's fair, it's about ART. That's how it should be. I love that RAW promotes the artist and their talent asking only that the artist help (self) promote the venue, the other artists and keep the movement going. That's how it should be. It's truly inspiring!