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Lion's Mouth

Madison, WI

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"Red Dragon TV has a new favorite in the mix. They performed last night. "Lion's Mouth" hits it hard and heavy. This duo act is on fire. If you get a chance to hear this outfit. I highly recommend them." - Ari John White Wolf, Red Dragon TV. Lion’s Mouth produces a fierce wall of sound that is not content with being background music. Swift, driving beats burst from Sara Wexler’s sticks hitting you like a well-timed punch. As you lie breathless on the floor, Chelsea Z.’s “amazingly sweet voice” (105.5 TripleM) and “five-piece orchestra” (Music Without Boundaries) guitar work pull you back up to your feet. These dynamic styles combine to create upbeat, two-fisted confessions punctuated by strikingly gentle lullabies. Chelsea and Sara don't shy away from pushing genre boundaries, drawing wide-ranging comparisons from The Pixies to Joni Mitchell. Having only played together for a year, Lion's Mouth has racked up an impressive list of venues and festival slots including the Bubble Music Festival, PrideFest Milwaukee, Red Dragon Television, and the MidWest Acoustic Music Festival. Lion's Mouth is currently working on their first studio album due out in 2014. With all the sensibilities of pop, the relentless energy of punk, and the heart and soul of folk, Lion’s Mouth gives indescribable a sound.

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Fellow musicians and artists, a good tone matrix, music, live shows, art, new socks, trees, our friends and family.

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Our favorite thing about RAW is meeting amazing musicians and artists that inspire us.

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We love music, climbing trees, walking, and tofu-cream cheese bagels. Sara plays in two cooler bands: Croaker and Soundless. Sara loves martial arts. Chelsea plays lots of Tetris.