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Dave Britton

Boise, ID


I am self taught artist that grew up in Ontario Oregon and began making latex masks and prosthetics at the age of 15. I moved to Hollywood at the age of 18 and and began working professionally as a makeup artist and sculptor. I then moved to Portland where I sold my creations at the Saturday Market downtown every weekend. I eventually moved back to Ontario where I live now and started a collectible alien trophy head company called Headhunters Studio. My work has been featured in several magazines and websites. I specialize in all types of sci-fi related 3 dimensional art. I like to incorporate pieces and parts of real animals into my work such as teeth and bones. I also make bone sculptures and have been collecting unusual taxidermy for over 20 years. Many of my creations I would describe as sort of Steampunk mad max style. I make latex masks, resin trophy heads of creatures. rayguns, robots, and jewlery as well. I sell my art at my store in Nampa Idaho called Rusty Retro antiques and oddities. We specialize in the odd and unusual and are located at 604 Caldwell Blvd. I am also a hip hop artist in the group Destiny Lab. The music I make asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers. I rap about everything from aliens, 2012, spirituality, creation vs evolution, conspiracy theories and the new world order and much more...all from a spiritual perspective.


Nature, animals, bones, insects, and amazing art by other people. The odd the unusual,industrial mechanisms, old rusty stuff, peices and parts of old machinery. The creations and inventions and ideas of ancient cultures and people. Taking things apart and finding out how they work. Meeting other creative people to bounce ideas off and discuss all kinds of weird stuff.


I like the way RAW is showcasing non-traditional art and creating an atmosphere and a place for local artists to meet and get inspired by one another. It is a blessing to have a place locally where people appreciate unique art and this all helps to nurture young artists of tomorrow who will be inspired to take their art to the next level.


God, family, people, animals, music, nature. Creating, observing, traveling, researching, discussing and friendly debating. I am dedicated to the exploration, discovery, understanding and the truth about the mysteries of man and nature.