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Heather Biggs Photography

Seattle, WA


Heather Biggs is currently a student earning her BFA in fine art photography. Her work focuses on the human element in time and fashion related settings. She uses a mixture of decay and life to bring contrast to her scenes. Trying to evoke the viewers imagination in every image.


What doesn't inspire me? Being out in the elements, seeing how nature has worn things down. Decay with fresh new growth sprouting through. Man kind and their interactions with the world around them. Music,movies,art, novels, and even commercials inspire my work. I am very fascinated by the world around me and I appreciate it every day.


Raw is put on by artists, for artists. The fact that it showcases so many different types of people and their work, that's awesome!


As corny and played out as it sounds, photography is my world. I literally had just enough money to buy food for the month and bought a vintage vacuum cleaner for a photo shoot instead. It's what drives me. It's what I think about before I go to bed every night. While I am laying there trying to sleep I picture amazing worlds that I can create, scenes that I can capture. That and I am addicted to coffee. So between laying in bed thinking about photography, and drinking coffee, I do not get that much sleep!