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Howl Moonshine Howl

Boulder, CO

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Howl Moonshine Howl began as the solo project of Boulder native Melanie Steinway while attending the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. Intricate fingerpicking, engaging composition and vivid imagery characterizes Melanie's songwriting as she draws inspiration from artists like Iron and Wine, Townes Van Zandt and Laura Marling. Howl Moonshine Howl's music traveled with Melanie from Rhode Island to New York, and eventually traversed the country back to Boulder. Here, she discovered local talents Tyler Bender, drummer and skilled recording engineer, Austin Pacharz, bassist of Cold River City, Noa Wotton, cellist and vocalist, and Matt Ponak, banjo player. With the addition of these members, Howl Moonshine Howl has expanded into a dynamic five-piece act with a full, unique sound combining the delicacy of folk music with the velocity of post-rock, and just a pinch of some home-grown Colorado spirit.

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