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Lady Aladrah

Colorado Springs, CO


Though my friends call me Miss Anita I am known socially as Lady Aladrah. Welcome to my world of arts and design! I am 2012 RAWartist Accessories Designer of the Year for Colorado Springs. My showcase includes elegant handmade beadwork jewelry, often made with stones I mined or carved myself. I also design fashion and accessories including wings, headpieces and custom masks. When I am not making art I am an independent hard rock gemstone miner and freelance body painter.


You are all stars in my eyes. When I am feeling uninspired I need only to see the twinkle of starlight reflecting in your eyes. I feel blessed to share this world with so many beautiful people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe :) Blissful Orbits!


RAW is a wonderful place to connect artists to their own communities and to share and appreciate the works of those closest to home, as well as to expose both artists and art enthusiasts to the vast possibilities and imaginings of talented artists everywhere. Strong community support is what makes it possible for many artists to thrive and to continue to produce their amazing works, so organizations like RAW are absolutely essential to our success as individuals and as a community of dreamers ♥


Love makes my world turn... left, right, above, below. Everything I create, every breath I take, is for the sake of love.