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Lady Aladrah

Colorado Springs, CO


Hello Beautiful World! I am Lady Aladrah. Welcome to my world of arts and design, where you will find examples and images of my works in many fields of interest including fashion design, costume accessories, jewelry design, fine art paintings and prints, masks, carvings, photography and more! I am a makeup and body paint specialist and often collaborate with other designers, artists and modeling agencies to produce a wide range of couture products that represent my love of nature, poetry and aesthetic interpretations. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate the beauty I see in the world around me into my designs and creations, and I love working closely with others to accomplish my goals. What does my future hold? I dare to dream the impossible... anything can happen. I do hope you join me!


I am inspired by the STARS above us. You are all stars in my eyes. We dance, we whirl, circling in orbital bliss around our glorious sun. We love, we cry, we sing, we dance... together we make the world go round! When I am feeling uninspired I need only to see the twinkle of starlight reflecting in your eyes, and my imagination soars freely. I feel blessed to share this world with so many beautiful people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe :)


RAW is a wonderful place to connect artists to their own communities and to share and appreciate the works of those closest to home, as well as to expose both artists and art enthusiasts to the vast possibilities and imaginings of talented artists everywhere. Strong community support is what makes it possible for many artists to thrive and to continue to produce their amazing works, so organizations like RAW are absolutely essential to our success as individuals and as a community of dreamers ♥


Love makes my world turn... left, right, above, below. Everything I create, every breath I take, is for the sake of love.