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New York - Brooklyn, NY

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I started out as a multi media artist , I have done large kinetic outdoor pieces, however recently I started to compose music and sometimes make videos for the songs or project them. I live in Brooklyn ,ny and this is my playground. I am performing in music venues and more alternative performance art places through out NYC and europe. Me and Jacob Miller from The Kissing Club perform together. One can hear his amazing music at

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Life with its many ups and downs inspires me. Things are fragile like a blade of grass blowing in the wind.But the desire to survive is strong inside us

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I love creating and experimenting whether its large kinetic art pieces or music that I have composed. Its a big journey and I believe its good to be like a child playfull and open.


Creating is very important to me,expressing myself in many mediums. Now its music and videos that I make for the music.