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Jane Purcell

Connecticut, CT


My signature works are mostly floral in nature, and for several years I have been developing a distinctive style with my silhouettes. Always an artist at heart, my early college studies were in art history and design. Then circumstances changed my direction and I put down my pencils and brushes for a long time. After a decidedly long break, I came across my old pencils and created my first drawing in over twenty years. A recurring theme of flowers- particularly daisies- emerged, and the inspiration to create my signature silhouettes came after rescuing a cat whose owner had passed away. My cat (Kitty) is the subject of many of my drawings as you see here- and I’ve had many requests for custom pet silhouettes. Most of my works can be seen in my Etsy Store- UnderTheNumNumTree (all one word) www.etsy/shop/underthenumnumtree You can also find me at: You can buy products with my art at: (or Purcell Designs on My Store:


There are three things in particular that must be present every day for me to feel fulfilled- food, flowers and furry friends. I love cooking which became a creative outlet for me as a practical replacement for my drawing dry-spell. My pets have been my family and make coming home comforting. Flowers- beautiful and soothing enrich my world and never fail me. There is no such thing as an ugly flower...


I appreciate this opportunity to promote myself outside of my small country town. RAW will generate the excitement for the arts that so many can get caught up in...


My boyfriend Chris, my family, Kitty, my laptop, art, swimming