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Unusual Star Jewelry

New York - Manhattan, NY

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Jewelz Diva is known as a fashion leader and trend rebel! I don't follow trends but always set my own. As a self taught Ear Artist, I love to be as unique and unusual as possible which is what inspired me to start designing my own jewelry line. I LOVE to stand out in a crowd and Unusual Star Jewelry are for those who love to stand out as well. Fierce, Fabulous, & most of all Fashionable is my moto. I am more than just a jewelry designer. I am a creater, innovator, free spirit, and most of all an Artist.

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I am inspired by all things Avant-Garde!

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My favorite thing about RAW is the fact that it gives new and all artists/ designers from various aspects, an opportunity to make their unique and unusual light shine through to the rest of the world. I love what I do as an artist/designer and I take it very seriously. For platforms such as these, I am very greatful and thankful.

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A world of bright colors, I LOVE colors!

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