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Julie Federico

Denver, CO

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I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My recipe for success is; with great lighting anything is possible. Flowers are my passion to photograph. Also babies, landscape photos, and weddings. My training and years as a counselor allows me to see and capture intimate shots that many would miss. My love of people and nature are reflected in my photographs. Photography is life the rest are details. I love that in this crazy technological age we live in “A picture is still worth a thousand words.” Since December 2009 I have shown my work at the following locations: The Artists Gallery San Francisco, CO Wash Perk Denver, CO. Mile High Coffee Denver, CO Heidi's Deli Denver, CO Dazzle Denver, CO American Lobby Grill Denver, CO Smokey Hill Library Aurora, CO Florence Griffith Pottery Studio Aurora, CO NRC Gallery Denver, CO Off The Beaten Path Bookstore Steamboat Springs, CO The Comfort Café Denver, CO House of Flowers Aurora, CO Sandwich of Earl Denver, CO Washington Perk Denver, CO Art Reach Denver, CO Louisville Juried Art Show July 2010 Additional work my be viewed at or

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Great lighting and things that are on their way out. I want to do a series on phone booths and one room school houses. I am inspired by; my children, nature, storms, strange things that I see that most people would miss, innocence, beauty, love, the every day. I photography my house (when it is clean) to remember this time in my life.

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I have that you are changing the gallery world from pretentious to open. Your artists are well accomplished, gifted and have a lot to offer. Galleries in some parts of the country do not want to work with such talent. They are happy to show their own work by their “own artists” month after month. You all are leveling the playing filed and finding some amazing talent in the process. Keep up the good work!

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Free time on my hands, a fully chaged battery, my camera, good weather and great lighting.

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