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Karla Roble

Long Beach, CA

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"Coming from a small province in the Philippines to California i had no idea that Fashion Design was something you can actually major in and make a career out of. That there was a place for people that loves the thrill of designing and finds happiness in creating clothes and dressing/styling others. And when i did, that very same day i knew i wanted to be one -a Fashion Designer. And i was never more sure until after i made my very first dress. The dress i thought would only exist in my dream had come to life and on the runway! I couldn't be happier! Fashion never fails to amaze me. I have and always will be hungry to learn everything possible and be able to do amazing things and inspire others the way other designers and their work inspire me. I love what i do and being around people that has the same passion as me just gets me even more excited about it."

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"I get inspiration from almost everything that you can think of, music, art, people, culture, colors and most especially fabrics. There's something about fabrics that whenever i see and feel one, my head unconsciously starts creating designs insta

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