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Maria Kanevskaya

San Francisco, CA

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From Russia with love. Earned a bachelor degree in economics and finance. Put my diploma on the shelf and moved on. Found myself lost in St. Petersburg( the russian one). Moved to San Francisco, California. Learned English and finally, found myself in photography. I found the way to expand my dreams and fantasies through it.

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Love. Love inspires me to be who I am. The kid inside of me inspires me to be careless and adventurous. My feminine romantic side gives me that soft and dreamy touch. My photography is a reflection of my dreams, my thoughts, my worries, my beliefs. It's a reflection of my world.

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We all need a guide in our life. It could be a parent, a partner, a teacher or ,perhaps. a friend. We need someone to give us an opportunity to shine, and amazing staff of "Raw" gives us, unknown yet artists, to be little stars which only could lead to bigger victories and bigger dreams. Thank you.

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Every little victory makes me want to create. Every failure makes me want it even more. I am not afraid to fall down and then get up. No matter what you do and how you do it, you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else.