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Laura González

San Francisco, CA

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Hi, my name is Laura Gonzalez. I am a self taught artist from the Bay Area. I developed a love and talent for art at a very young age. I started painting at the age of 15 in my highshool art class, being the only student to experiment with oil paint. I started out building my skills by copying fashion magazine covers, ads and photographs. My first oil painting was "time", a portrait of a girl from time magazine cover. Since then oil painting has become my passion. I then attended The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchendising in San Francisco and graduated with an AA in fashion design. I draw my inspiration from fashion, music, photography, or even what I am feeling or going through at the moment. I am intrigued by beauty and the profoundness that dwells in eyes. My art changes and grows as I do. It is what expresses who I am. It allows me to to escape and feel free. I hope that with my art viewers are able to find a connection with the subject and my perception of beauty. Thank you for viewing my artwork Laura González

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Music, fashion, photography, art, and life experiences.

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Raw gives the opportunity to share what you are passionate about and meet new amazing artists that share that passion with you.

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Painting, my family, painting, music, painting, colors, painting, life! did i mention painting? =]