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Le Petit Hat Company

San Francisco, CA

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What are petit hats? To state the obvious, they are hats. Little ones. But beyond that, they are a unique fashion accessory that embody sass, silliness and originality, with a touch of class and sophistication. They can be worn to compliment a costume, evening gown, wedding dress, three-piece suit - or even your birthday suit, if that's how you roll. They are as versatile as they are fun and engaging, and each one is hand-made with thoughtfulness and care. What is Le Petit Hat Co.? We are a boutique-size fashion company based in San Francisco, specializing in hand-made, customized hats that rock. Try one out, you won't be disappointed.

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the support, inspiration, guidance, opportunities and community that RAW provides for artists of all kinds. i hope to be a part of it, to contribute and learn from all of the amazing people involved.

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