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Madi Lee

Raleigh, NC

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Madi Lee is a self-taught singer, songwriter and guitarist. She has a strong background in both creative writing and visual art. She has both modeled and worked in a "behind-the-camera" capacity. Madison's bohemian upbringing has given her a unique outlook into fashion, music, and the arts. Being exposed to so many new places, new people, and situations has made her self-reliant, confident, and comfortable in any new endeavor. Having just graduated from Appalachian State, she now plans to take some time to spend on her music and acting career.

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I am inspired by what could be. The endless possibilities of this life make me excited to wake up and make music, make art, and simply live however you so choose that day. I am obviously inspired by the world's art, color, fashion...but none of that could lead to anything without the dreams of what could be. To me this mentality really reiterates that anything is possible, and it is simply a matter of passion, effort, and time put into your craft.

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The acceptance of artists across genres, lifestyles, and generations. It is an amazing feeling to walk into a room of talented people where nobody is criticizing or judging. I cannot describe the feeling that the last RAW Raleigh event gave me, other than pure happiness and excitement.

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Homemade macaroni and cheese, my two guitars, my family and friends,and fashion!