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Morgan D

Chicago, IL


I am a local budding singer/songwriter who has been singing my whole life. I started out in school singing in choirs and musicals as a teenager, where I first started gaining recognition for my singing. This passion carried itself into my college career where I networked with other artists, participated in open mics, and performed at local bars in the town. I began writing music in College and I continue to explore my music through writing. My goals include having my own label and I am working around the clock with other local artists to become the newest musical sensation in the buzzing Chicago scene. My music ranges from upbeat dance to smooth RnB and everything in between.


I am heavily influenced by Motown, Funk, Soul, Pop, and Hip Hop. My drive and passion for my art and my soulful roots are met with catchy contemporary concepts. I am constantly exploring my sound and developing my work and am excited for the opportunities ahead. "I Sing Because I'm Free"


That it gives opportunities to artists who are not the norm or who are not just trying to score a contract, who are looking to develop themselves and to give something back to the community


My family and friends are my rock and my support. They are what enables me to continue my dream and my passion. Life is what inspires me, the good and the bad. I welcome life because it is how we create. Music. Seeing people dance, seeing a stadium of people sing the words to a song that makes them feel something electrifying. Seeing music change lives, break hearts, lift spirits, and make the world a more beautiful place to be in. I love seeing people do what they love as well in any field.