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Dana Perry

Madison, WI

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Madison-based singer and songwriter, Dana Perry, is a one-woman acoustic band who shares her music with strangers in Midwestern coffee houses regardless of the weather outside. With just a guitar, her voice and the tap of her foot on the floor, or the slap of her hand against the wood grain of her guitar, Perry delivers stripped down, soul-baring folk songs that cut through the mundane buzz of everyday humdrum life. Perry's music, while planted firmly in folk soil, isn't about protesting against any particular governmental action. Instead, her songs grow out of her own campaigns in the personal politics of relationships and all our struggles to remain sane in an increasingly insane world...

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The Big Everything inspires me. Existence itself is a miracle. I'm in constant awe of my reality - from the experiences I've had to all of the beautifully unique individfuals I've encountered, there is much that inspires me. I'd say the times I feel like a song needs to come out right now are the times I'm in the presence of pure, raw, natural, indestructible when someone farts freely in a public place and owns it. It's so rare and beautiful, like seeing a unicorn...

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I love RAW because it's raw! It's real, it's fierce, it's independent. I firmly believe we are all Here to play and create, and what a great organization to facilitate our natural grooves.

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Madison makes my world go 'round. I have felt so warmly welcomed into the local music community. I've played shows, joined a sweet all-chick band called SHESHE, and I'm starting to make great connections with great people. I had some amazing photos taken by local photographer Chad Sutherland at Rise Up Lights Photography (, and I'm rubbin' elbows with other beautiful folks of the We Make Music Happen community ( I'm also in the process of recording my second album, so it all feels pretty great.

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