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Alex Stein

LA - Los Angeles, CA


Comedian Alex Stein can be described in two words: Steak and Shrimp. With his commanding stature and big personality, Alex is a jumbo shrimp. His sweet southern charm and smooth delivery are reminiscent of a rib eye steak, medium rare. This unique combination of style and personality have been a well received breath of fresh air to the Los Angeles comedy scene. Originally from Dallas, TX, Alex moved to Los Angeles after winning a campus wide comedy competition at LSU. From the minute he took the stage in front of over 1,000 people and was named LSU’s funniest man, he knew comedy was for him. After graduating from LSU, 99 decided it was time to follow his dreams and make something happen. Since being in LA Alex has worked his way up quickly, performing at the Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, the Improv, Flappers, and most recently being featured as the headlining comic for the Los Angeles Raw Artists Showcase. His quick wit, unique writing, and original form of delivery have made him a crowd favorite. With Alex Stein, no topic is safe or to taboo. From the first joke to the last, audiences are consistently on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what will come out of his mouth next. Alex may shock you, but he’ll shock you with a smile.


its unlike anything out there


$teak & $hrimp