RAWdio Podcasts

Brad Alston - Ep 144

Posted on 06/29/16

Get to know artist Brad Alston on this episode of RAWdio. Originally from the north eastern US, he talks about making his way to Portland, OR where he will be showcasing at RAW:Portland presents Trend. Inspired by nature, go deeper into his unique style where normal and weird collide and find out what's behind his fascination with sharks.

Brad's Mosaics - Ep 143

Posted on 06/22/16

On this episode of RAWdio Brad Barnhurst shares the style and technique behind his Paper Mosaic artwork. He talks about using Disneyland maps to create landscapes and cityscapes. In addition, he talks about the respect and desire for his recent portraits and male erotica within the gay community.

Simonovski - Ep 142

Posted on 06/15/16

Explore the aquatic inspired designs of Simonovski on this episode of RAWdio. Designer Tiffany Simonovski shares how she faced a fear of the ocean to now being regularly inspired by her scuba diving. She talks about her process from dive to design as well as the upcoming RAW:Sydney TREND showcase.

Secret Feud Art - Ep 141

Posted on 06/08/16

Samantha Mullen shares her pyrographic, wood burning art with us. Hear the story how Secret Feud Art started when she simply ran out of paper, and the risk factor of wood dictating what happens to her art work. Dive a little deeper into her inspiration for the hands found in many of her pieces.

Drew Lausman Explosionism - Ep 140

Posted on 05/25/16

Drew Lausman is on the RAWdio podcast sharing his Explosionism artwork. Find out how he creates art using fireworks and paint, the hazards involved and heartfelt inspiration for Explosionism. See his pieces at RAW:Seattle presents TREND showcase.

Proper Company - Ep 139

Posted on 05/18/16

Get to know Proper Company this week on RAWdio. The Boston based band talks about touring, recording and more. Plus hear their track "Stumblin'" off the EP they will be releasing at the upcoming RAW:Boston presents TREND showcase.

Sweet Home Wiscago - Ep 138

Posted on 05/11/16

This week's featured artist is Catie Lutsey of Sweet Home Wiscago. Catie talks about the original concept behind her wood mosaic pieces and the upcoming RAW:Chicago presents TREND showcase.

Amanda Casarez - Ep 137

Posted on 05/04/16

Meet fashion designer RAW Artist Amanda Casarez, participating in RAW:Washington DC presents TREND, discussing being an artist in a new city and her "Bold & Effortless" line.

RAWdio 136 - Jennifer Geddes: The Book Artisan

Posted on 04/22/16

Jennifer Geddes: The Book Artisan, an upcoming artist in RAW:Salt Lake City presents TREND showcase, discusses the first book she folded and how it turned into a business.

Che - Ep 135

Posted on 04/13/16

Che, an upcoming artist in RAW:Brooklyn TREND showcase, shares her story, work and inspirations.