RAWdio Podcasts

Bird Laww - Ep 151

Posted on 09/21/16

Logan, Jeff & Matt from RAW: Atlanta showcasing band Bird Laww join Jesse F Daniels on this episode of RAWdio. The band shares their inspiring story of rehabilitation and their music writing process. Plus, take a full listen to the track "Blowing Smoke" and found out how they started writing the track.

Ian Silver - Ep 150

Posted on 09/14/16

RAW: Phoenix showcasing photographer Ian Silver joins host Jesse F Daniels on this episode of RAWdio. Get taken away to Red Rock country in Sedona, AZ by Ian Silver Photography as he talks about his model, the Earth, and the tools and techniques he uses to capture sunsets, stars and clouds of the South Western US. Find out if there really are any bad days in Sedona.

Cary Songy - Ep 149

Posted on 09/08/16

Get to know artist, painter, and musician Cary Songy. This episode he talks about the artwork he will be showcasing at the RAW: New Orleans Verve show and reveals the new theme he's working on to debut at the show. Find out what different materials and chemicals he uses to make the cellular and marble patterns that he says represent our multi-faceted lives.

David Pattee - Ep 148

Posted on 08/10/16

After a successful showcase in his hometown of Ottawa, David Pattee is looking to replicate his success at the upcoming RAW:Toronto Verve showcase. He talks about the artistic machines he created for both shows and how he combines art and technology.

Jestoni Dagdag - Ep 147

Posted on 07/27/16

Get to know RAW:Orange County artist Jestoni Dagdag this week on RAWdio. Find out how one dance class at junior changed his life. He also shares all about his latest dance project Vita and the importance of collaboration and practice in dance.

Lysee J - Ep 146

Posted on 07/20/16

This week on RAWdio San Jose, CA based singer Lysee J shares her music and story. Hear her track "Lanterns" and her message to women (and men) about femininity. She also talks about her upcoming RAW showcases in California including: San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Nova Togatorop - Ep 145

Posted on 07/06/16

Traveling photographer Nova Togatorop is the spotlight of this week's RAWdio episode. Get to know the story and details behind her portfolio which includes the countries of India, Papua, Jordan, Japan, Napal, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the United States. Find out how she utilizes the power of language to capture stories. Plus, hear one of her favorite travel stories of hitchhiking on a boat.

Brad Alston - Ep 144

Posted on 06/29/16

Get to know artist Brad Alston on this episode of RAWdio. Originally from the north eastern US, he talks about making his way to Portland, OR where he will be showcasing at RAW:Portland presents Trend. Inspired by nature, go deeper into his unique style where normal and weird collide and find out what's behind his fascination with sharks.

Brad's Mosaics - Ep 143

Posted on 06/22/16

On this episode of RAWdio Brad Barnhurst shares the style and technique behind his Paper Mosaic artwork. He talks about using Disneyland maps to create landscapes and cityscapes. In addition, he talks about the respect and desire for his recent portraits and male erotica within the gay community.

Simonovski - Ep 142

Posted on 06/15/16

Explore the aquatic inspired designs of Simonovski on this episode of RAWdio. Designer Tiffany Simonovski shares how she faced a fear of the ocean to now being regularly inspired by her scuba diving. She talks about her process from dive to design as well as the upcoming RAW:Sydney TREND showcase.