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Cesar Brodermann - Ep 160

Posted on 03/13/17

Originally from Mexico, Cesar is a freelance professional dancer and photographer based in NYC. His work has developed combining the understanding of two art form's. He believes our bodies can embody gentleness and sensibility yet have a strong desire to the unlimited possibilities that our body can reach. Get to know more about him in this RAWdio Podcast episode.

Mansell - Ep 159

Posted on 02/15/17

Mansell is a three piece band who have spent time in many different genres in the Atlanta Scene they grew up in. Coming together in early 2014, they now make music that blends their Alternative and Indie roots with the various music/art/expression that has helped form them. With members Holden Fincher (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), and Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals), Mansell writes and records their music independently.

Sadia Nabila - Ep 158

Posted on 02/01/17

Get to know RAW:Canberra performing artist Sadia Nabila. She shares her unique blend of Bollywood and contemporary Western style dance. Sadia talks about how her parents influenced her and continue to do so. Plus, find out how she put together flash mobs at her university to gain recognition. Then check out her showcase at RAW:Canberra presents Cusp on Feb. 2.

Ally Ahern - Ep 157

Posted on 01/25/17

Mini but mighty RAW:Chicago musician Ally Ahern is much more than meets the eye. An edgy, yet refined visual aesthetic perfectly matches her keen ear for melody and storytelling. Listen to her track "Suffocation" and the story behind it. Plus, is a 16 song album too much? She doesn't think so. Hear why on this episode of the RAWdio podcast.

Jeffrey Thelin - Ep 156

Posted on 01/25/17

Get to know Jeffrey Thelin, founder of TEYLEEN. Listen to his process of creating art purely on iPhone and how he explores photographs and finds the geometry already present in the natural world.

Menstrual Accessory - Ep 155

Posted on 01/25/17

Vanessa Dion Fletcher employs porcupine quills, Wampum belts, and menstrual blood to reveal the complexities of what defines a body physically and culturally. She links these ideas to personal experiences with language, fluency, and understanding.

Matorin Music - Ep 154

Posted on 10/18/16

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andrei Matorin spent his early years studying violin and theory in Italy, Switzerland, and the United States. On this episode of RAWdio, Matorin not only delves into his beginnings in classical violin but his exposure to jazz and work in fusing the two genres together. Hear a sample of his work and his plans for the upcoming RAW: New York Verve showcase.

Corey Remington - Ep 153

Posted on 10/05/16

Get to know RAWartist Corey Remington prior to his showcase at the upcoming RAW:Orange County Verve show. Corey discusses his work locally in the Laguna Beach area as well as the tattoo designs he does on prosthetic limbs for amputees. Also, find out how he switched from the medical field into the art field and the role art college played in his life.

ITEM - Ep 152

Posted on 09/28/16

On this episode of RAWdio, Seattle based band, ITEM, talks about their RAW tour including Seattle, Portland & Southern California (Orange County). Hear their track "Fine By Me" and all about the video for the single. Also, find out how an online band ad brought these two together.

Bird Laww - Ep 151

Posted on 09/21/16

Logan, Jeff & Matt from RAW: Atlanta showcasing band Bird Laww join Jesse F Daniels on this episode of RAWdio. The band shares their inspiring story of rehabilitation and their music writing process. Plus, take a full listen to the track "Blowing Smoke" and found out how they started writing the track.

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