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Sarah May

Boston, MA

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I sometimes tell my story backwards: When I can, I paint. I've been to school for years and years, but my favorite art has been created outside of the classroom. Boston has been the best so far: the music, the arts, the people, the trains. I should have been born here. Before Boston there was California. It was a whirlwind storm of sun and sacrifice, uncovering and recovering. And college. But that was all before. Before Boston there was Texas. There was heat and family and no air conditioning to ameliorate either. There was love and secrets, learning and mistakes. It's where things never felt right and where I moved out when I was seventeen. It's where my house burned down when I was seven and where my father was arrested when I was three. It's where I was born. But that was all before. Recent Gallery Shows: ~30 Under 30, Arsenal Center for the Arts, October 2012 ~New England Collective III, Galatea Fine Arts - August 2012 ~RAW:boston - The Blend, The Estate - May 10th, 2012

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Stories and histories, layers and secrets, Klimt, sheets, walls, the human figure. I get inspired by long walks and looking up instead of at my feet, by psychological constructs and laboratory rats.

My current artwork is a translation of my self and selves. Layers and energies integrate and disintegrate, and new patterns form from recession and emergence. The painted surface is both the calm and the disturbance.

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RAW offers amazing opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their creative energies with tons of other talented individuals from their local areas, while also offering an online portal to reach out to members of the arts world residing all over the country. The face of RAW, via both the local showcases and the online community, is the face of young artists in America. With all of our idiosyncrasies, our merging and clashing of styles and genres, and our passion for creative transformations, RAW has welcomed - in fact created - a thriving arts community and has given us a booming voice to share ourselves with a broad audience of listeners. RAW rawks!

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"Relax, it'll make sense eventually." -A 4ish year old boy, speaking to himself as he approached the top of a climbing maze

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