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Tara Elisha

Kansas City, MO


Tara Elisha is an alternative rock artist based out of Kansas City. With a performance style that emphasizes the passions and agonies, the fear and joy, the selfless and selfish sides of our nature. Tara exposes many of the emotions that we all feel as we dream, love, hurt, care, neglect, and experience humanity. Tara’s music ranges from passionate and emotional love ballads to evocative songs of defiance to a broken system. Tara’s music has been described as “Dark Rock” referring to her haunting lyrics that explore and expose the darker side of human emotions. Tara draws upon influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Cranberries, and Metric combined with her classical music education to create a musical experience filled with introspective lyrics and powerful melodies. Tara’s lyrics provide the audience with a fantasy like sensation fused with passionate and emotional instrumentals. Some of these songs merely seek to observe human emotions; both the good and the bad. Still others decry a dystopian view of a corrupt world that cares little for the humanity that exists within it. Her sound is rooted in a fractured mix of classic rock, pop, punk, and alternative rock. Tara’s debut album, Phantom; is a compelling CD of powerful alternative rock songs. On this album Tara explores human emotions including fear, love, revenge, obsession, selfishness, and selflessness with her audience in a melodic voice surrounded by heavy electric guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, and exotic instrumental sounds.


I am inspired by observing the extremes in human behavior; how we can love and hate so passionately. I find the pretenses we put on to be very much a center of inspiration for my work and I try to unveil the true behind the facade. My work is also influenced by the corruption that is prevalent in our world today. Corruption in all of the powerful institutions, including government, religion, corporations, media, etc. In my music, I take an almost science fiction approach to describe this corruption. I myself am a fan of Sci-fi/Fantasy and I apply elements of that genre to create the stories in my songs that expose this corruption.


I love that RAW showcases the talents of local artist and really gives them an opportunity to connect with new audiences and potential fans. RAW helps the smaller, independent artists, which keeps the creativity "raw" and untainted for music lovers to enjoy.


Science fiction/fantasy