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Boise, ID

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I am a common guy in Idaho that has always had his dream of becoming the American Idol someday. I have been singing all of my life. It all started when my sister and i used to sing the national anthem together. She has been my biggest inspiration in life. I always tried to impress her and do everything she did. She was my best friend growing up. My mom was never really supportive of my singing until she heard me sing at my schools talent show in 2008. I sang bleeding love by Leona Lewis and I made her cry. But my talent didn't just come to me out of no where. I had worked really hard in my school and church choir. I was pulled into the idea of singing at school by my best friends Jessi and Jenni. Music and dancing have always been the most important aspects of my life. Without music, I would have no way out.

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Many things inspire me to be the best that I can be. Friends, family, and all styles of music influence my sound. Some things that I like to do is collaborate with other artist and bounce ideas and flavors off of each other. Some artists that inspire me include Kelly Clarkson, Jessi J, David Guetta, Michael Jackson, Glee Cast (I Know), Usher, Chris Daughtry, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and many more.

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I love how RAW promotes artists who are struggling and who need help with getting exposure. Its a great place to meet local artists and artists abroad and connect with each of them to help one another out with advice, fans, shows, and collaborating.

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Music, family, friends, laughter, tv, and food!!!!

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