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Phoenix, AZ

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Singing since the age of 2, TreLee is a force to be reckoned with. Her love and passion for music stems from her involvement in church and school choirs, but it didn’t stop there. TreLee started singing in music groups and performing in talent shows at the age of 12. At the age of only 17, she recorded her first original song with her group, FLAVA. TreLee was influenced early on by R&B artist, Mary J. Blige. When asked to describe Mary J. Blige she said, “I think she changed the R&B game with her vocal style.” Having a style of her own, TreLee is on the path to doing the same. TreLee’s music has also been influenced by other artist such as the soulful Anita Baker, the smooth Luther Vandross, and the edgy Beyonce Knowles. On 15 Jul 2012, TreLee released her debut solo album, “Revealed”, this album is all about TreLee’s personal life and relationships. Adreinne Verniece, TreLee’s former bandmate, assisted TreLee with the writing, song arrangements, and vocal style on this project. TreLee is currently in the studio working on her sophomore album as well as spreading her wings into acting. She will be starring as herself in an upcoming independent film, Spoken Word and playing the leading role in an gospel play, both set to release in the early part of 2014. TreLee, is an artist that lives and breaths music and the arts.

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I'm in love with Music. Inspiration is all around. For example, life, my children, love, heartbreak, all of that is an inspiration for me.

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I love RAW, it has made me a better artist. RAW forced me to step my game up and become the artist that I am today. It was that blank canvas I needed to create TreLee, the entertainer. "My name is TreLee and I am and forever well be a RAW artist! Thank you RAW!!!

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God, my children, my family, my friends and music, in that order :)

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