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Tron! & DVD

New York - Brooklyn, NY

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Tron! & DVD (Brothers 24 & 22) (W/ DJ Munderville On stage) The dynamic Hip Hop Duo whose DIY hustle may even outshine some already established artists. Consisting of a sound that resembles all aspects of hip hop and rap mixed with other genres Tron! & DVD are no strangers to variety. Their live performances have been known to be super energetic,fun, professional, and in most situations more similar to a house party. They have played venues in the tri-state area such as Webster Hall, Santos Party House, The Knitting Factory, Glasslands, The Chance, Stanhope House, ETC with acts such as K Flay, Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch, Colin Munroe, Oncue, Busdriver, Lakutis, Grieves & Budo, Its The Dean's List, Down With Webster , F. Stokes, Ground Up, Spose,Matt Toka and many more! Since Performing at the 2011 Bamboozle Festival on the same stage Big Sean, MGK, Pusha T, LIL B, and playing the 2011 Vans Warped Tour Tron! & DVD have been on the steady incline of popularity. Personally most known for their humbleness, down to earth attitude, and care for the crowd in regards of just trying to make sure everyone has a good time while showcasing their various rapping and production ability. Growing up listening to all genres of music helped them be able to understand and appeal to all types of crowds. Follow us! Twitter/instagram - @thisistron @ohitsdvd @munderville Tumblr -

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