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TSU (Team Squad Up)

Baltimore, MD


We Are A Dance Group From batlimore City Been Dancing Since 2006 ,Still Doing what we love to do we perform at all types events and we back up dance For TTtheArtist ZOME Ent MurderMark Mike Mike And Our Family group is Homisquad (homicide) S/O to Ms Tonya & My Mother Love y'all , we Mentor The Youth & and Has Perform at many Baltimore cIty shools putting on shows we also tour with Baltimore's in house know as Dj angel baby sometimes going under the name of homisquad or HT .TSU has Won Many comps and has join up with Homicide to form homisquad to Repeat and win the We Run this Competition and is looking forward to travel the world to show everybody we we have to offer !


Life Situation that I have over come and I feel as though god gave a talent to show and Provide. A postive way of doing Things With Your Time and the group member s that I'm around. Keeps me going


Dancing Gives You a Chance To Show A lot of people what can do and how you can do it far as Talent wise so that's what I like about it


Dance makes The world Go around so you know its makes my world go around