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What is RAW? Let us fill you in.
RAW is an international arts organization, for artists by artists. We have no investors and started this all with passion, blood, sweat and elbow grease. We are 100% sustained by ticket sales to our RAW showcases. We are accountable only to our artists; we have no shareholders, board members or venture capitalists in our corner. We built this organization from scratch.

RAW provides a platform for independent artists and we focus on artists that are within the first 10 years of their career. Our platform exists both online—through our web site and social media—and offline through bi-monthly showcase events (in over 60 cities, internationally).

Our website features artist’s profiles from around the world where you can discover independent film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hair styling, makeup artistry, accessories and photography. Our showcases consist of short film screenings, fashion shows, a pop-up art and photo gallery, performances, hair and makeup shows and accessories vendors. 

Artists are hand-selected to participate in RAW (read more on that below). Artists receive an opportunity to showcase and sell their work at these events (to a crowd of people that probably would have never been exposed to it otherwise).

We bring artists to the people, and people to artists. The showcase events aren’t stuffy — they are fun, loud, and colorful and are usually hosted in a music venue. These are alternative venues that accommodate all of the different genres of art that we showcase. We’re not a white wall gallery or Mercedes Benz Fashion Week—nor are we trying to be. We’re RAW and our mission is to think outside of the box to create opportunities for artists to be seen, heard and loved.

Is there a fee to participate? Yes; well, kind of.
There is a showcase fee to participate in RAW. It’s $300 per artist (£240 in UK, $330 in AUS), per showcase. However, we are aware of the starting artist’s plight and that this amount is not always available. Instead of artists paying out-of-pocket upfront, they are encouraged to sell tickets to the event to make up for the participation costs. Tickets are $15 pre-sale (in US, Canada), $16.50 in Australia, and £12 in the U.K. Participating RAW artists commit to selling 20 tickets to the event they are showcasing in. With this model, an artist is able to enlist their supporters and network to sponsor their show. Once they have done so the show costs are completely paid for. Not only does this contribute to the costs of the show’s production, but it helps encourage our artists to promote and, as a result, each show becomes a group effort and helps build an eclectic audience of guests who are all there to support the arts. It creates more exposure for all who are involved.

We have built an online system to help you crowd fund your fee easily. So you technically don’t have to pay anything if you’re willing to put in the work. Most everyone has 20 friends, family members or co-workers that would help support them to be in the show, and they get to attend!

If you don’t sell all of your tickets you simply pay the difference a week before the show and are able to add guests to the list to account for that amount paid.

What do I get for my fee? A TON!

Participating RAW artists receive:

  • A profile portfolio on, upload pics, videos, MP3s and more information on yourself and your work. (reserved only for RAW artists)
  • Promotion on our localized social media outlets
  • Placement in the RAW Showcase Event (a showcase with 500-800+ attendees)
  • Professional head shots and photos of your work, collection, performance, band or whatever you happen to be presenting (also great for portfolios, social media or websites)
  • A free showcase: Once you have showcased in your city and completed your ticket commitment, you can showcase in any other city (within a year of your first showcase) out-of-state FOR FREE! Yep, we want you to keep your work moving. Have your art seen or heard in London, Austin, Minneapolis, Los Angeles or even Sydney!
  • Complimentary admission into any RAW show +1 guest, forever
  • RAWards eligibility at the end of the season. This is our annual indie arts awards season where 9 national winners are honored and receive huge career building prizes like gallery placement, meetings with record labels, and placement in boutiques, etc. If you’ve been selected, you’re automatically in the running.
  • I AM INDIE Blog: We also work really hard to get you advice from the experts on different facets of the creative professional world
  • RAWk Wall: We bring you exclusive deals, opportunities, competitions, discounts and more…
  • We have strategic partnerships with organizations, companies and industry players to continue to bring more opportunities to the forefront

So if you think selling 20 tickets is worth it, we encourage you to sign up! 

Can I sell my work at a RAW event? Yes, please!
We take 0% Commission. RAW artists have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of artwork, accessories, clothing, CDs, and prints at our RAW events.

OK, totally get it. This is awesome and I want to do it! What’s next?
Make sure that you have submitted here:
A local showcase director will review your submission. If we like what we see/hear you’ll be contacted. You will need to complete a Selected Artist Interview with your Showcase Director (we want to make sure you are serious about this; it is definitely a commitment!) if everyone is on the same page and committed we’ll make sure you are officially ‘booked’ into the event and we’ll guide you through the process.

But, why should artists have to sell tickets?
Although we wish the world ran on gummi bears and unicorns, it costs money to put on a big, beneficial event. We pay our staff modest salaries, we provide them with medical benefits (we need them healthy to run great show), we have venue fees, insurance, equipment rentals, our photo crew, production assistants (and the never-ending list of expenses that comes with growing an international network). We would rather have our artists invest in our mission and push it forward then be accountable to shareholders, so this is our creative way of making RAW for artists, by artists.

What if I don’t want to sell tickets?
We know that RAW isn’t for everyone. Selling tickets takes dedication and work, just like starting your creative career. You have to know how to ask your supporters for their help. If it’s not your jam, that’s ok. Unfortunately, we can’t put on free events.

Are you a non-profit? No.
In the beginning (2009), we thought maybe it would be a good idea to be a non-profit, however after art grants were increasingly being cut to nothing, we decided we could do more, and grow to other communities faster by going our own way. It felt better to spend our time building great showcases instead of throwing fundraising galas to pay our expenses.

Have you had any artist success stories? Tons.
While we can’t take credit for the years of work an artist might put in before and after meeting RAW, a lot of our artists have told us that RAW has changed their lives and careers for the better. Musicians have been signed, artists have sold work and gained gallery placement, and designers have been sold in stores and have even won Project Runway. We are just happy to be a part of their journey. You can read more about what people say here.

Some people have had negative things to say about RAW. What’s the deal?
Of course, everyone has critics. As 50 Cent says, “You ain’t nobody until you’ve been shot at!” {paraphrased}. There have been artists who have not enjoyed their experience with RAW; with over 600 showcase events to date, it’s bound to happen! There has also been some misinformation and false accounts out there on the internet (mostly by individuals who have never even participated in a RAW show) and, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can really do to correct that.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if they don’t like RAW because of how we operate, that is their call to make. After all, we’re not in the business of changing minds; we set out to promote the artists who find the opportunity valuable. We think we’re changing the world and making it more positive — bringing creativity to the forefront and connecting people across the globe. We don’t see that as a bad thing. We’re here to help and we are driven by the belief that creative expression is the most innate human gift. Let’s celebrate that! If you have a specific question in regards to something we do, we have an answer. 




We'd love to have you! Please register at the top of the home page. Once you've registered and submitted, a director from your city will review your work and contact you about any openings in a future showcase for your area. profiles are reserved for artists who have been booked/shown in one of our events.


RAW events are booked several months out. All submissions are reviewed first by a RAW director in each respective city. After review, if there are any availabilities and it's a good fit, a director will contact you about the show. We would love to showcase every artist that submits to RAW. However, our events have limited capacity for artists and we cannot guarantee a showcase opening for every submission. Representatives in each city hand-select artists they believe to be the best fit for the event.

RAW does not book nor select models for our showcases. The featured fashion designers in the show coordinate and select their own models. However, if you are interested, you can submit to that city, or contact us at info[at] with the city you are interested in. We can then connect you with a director/representative in the city who can inform you of any featured designers looking for models for their shows.


We'd love to have you! Contact us at info[at] with the RAW city you are closest to. 




You'll experience an independent film (usually a short, webisode or music video), a fashion show from an up-and-coming local designer, a musical performance, an art gallery featuring several independent visual artists and photographers, and performance art (comedy/dance/fire dancers, you name it...). You'll get a little taste of everything. Combine all this creativity with drinks, fun, and good company! To partake in the experience, RSVP ($10/ticket) to any of our 50+ monthly, city showcases by clicking on the city tab at the top of the homepage! The event has performances scheduled all night. To ensure that you do not miss a performance you are anticipating, please arrive on time. Refunds will not be issued for late guests.


Please note that all of our events vary in age restriction based on the venue. Because of the sale of alcohol, many of our venues are limited to 21 years of age or older. The exact restrictions are noted on each flyer. For specific questions about the venue accommodations, please contact the venue directly.

Our artists work hard to put out the work that they do. Our events are a special night dedicated to celebrating them. We urge that the audience and guests respect their efforts by dressing appropriately. No casual wear. This does not mean you need to wear a ballroom gown; but do dress up, and have some fun! 


By entering the event and venue, you consent to the capture of your likeness through photo and video for promotional use worldwide.




After you've purchased a ticket through our site, you will receive an automated email from with further ticket details.  You will receive an email confirmation for your purchase shortly thereafter. If you do not receive this email, your transaction did not go through and you will need to return to the event page to re-register for these tickets. Please note that certain email clients (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) will mark these as spam. 

We are an eco-friendly organization and put forward our best efforts to avoid any unnecessary paper-waste by keeping all of our tickets electronic. Your name and any guest tickets will be on an electronic guest list at the door on the night of the show. You will not have to print out (nor will you be mailed/shipped) any physical tickets.

All guests check in at the door under the ticket buyer's name. Guests may arrive separately and check in upon entry. 

If you have any questions or come across any issues, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question. Please include information on the city/show you are trying to attend, your name, and Receipt ID if available.

Bought a few tickets and you're all arriving at different times? Bought a ticket for a friend and not attending the event? No problem. On the night of the event, any guest can check in at the door separately under the ticket buyer's name.

Unless a show is cancelled/postponed/moved, or an artist you are supporting cannot be in the show, there are no refunds. If you'd like to transfer your ticket to another guest or show, please contact us at tickets[at]


WANT TO WORK FOR RAW? Think your community needs something like RAW and want to spear-head its launch? Visit our Job Opportunities page to learn about any openings within our organization.


If you find that your question has not been answered after reading, please write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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